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In September 2005, I was pregnant with twin girls. I lost my pregnancy at 19 weeks apparently due to my "incompetent cervix." I became pregnant again and wrote all about it on this blog. I now have a wonderful son. Since bed rest, anxiety and cerclage were so much fun, I've decided to do it all again.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This weekend, for the first time EVER, the husband and I are going away--NO KIDS. We are going to LA. Sort of random, right? The husband has to go there for work on Friday already, and I've never been. That's right. I've lived in California for many years, and have never been to LA in my life. People think that's strange. I think, why? Why would I ever go to LA? I don't go there for work, and usually, a weekend away includes going away from the city not towards a big smoggy one. Plus, I'm from NY so I get my big city fix at least once a year. It's not like LA is close to SF. 6 hours driving and short (thankfully our route) 45 minutes on the plane. No one thought it was odd I hadn't been to Buffalo when I lived in Brooklyn--same distance! I guess I made it up to Vermont enough....I don't know, I'm clearly rambling. I haven't felt the appeal I guess.

But now's my time! The kids are going with the grandparents, and we are going to be in a hotel for two whole days. If this trip goes how I want it to go, I won't actually see much of LA. I hope to spend the weekend in the hotel. If your mind has gone to some scintillating place when I mentioned a weekend in a hotel with my husband, the pathetic fact is that my excitement has to do with the option of uninterrupted sleep in a big fluffy hotel bed. I'm sure we'll be bored enough to do a little sight seeing. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of someone famous (one thing I miss about living in NY is my "sightingsā€¯), go to a restaurant, drink wine, see a museum, catch up with a few friends...but that is IT. The husband and I have a tendency to overdue it on vacations. I refuse to repeat our history of leaving a hotel in the morning, and not getting back home till after dinner more tired than I was before leaving home. Every nook and cranny of LA does not need to be explored.

I will relax if it kills me.


Blogger Monica H said...

Have a great weekend and reLAx all you can :-)

8:09 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

how was it??

10:50 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

oooh, I wish I'd known! I'd have insisted on an awkward "I know so much about you but have never met you face to face" meet up!!!

I hope you had a great trip! See anyone famous?!

10:18 PM  

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